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About Me

Mehdi mansouri,born in 1976 in Tehran,is a member of the Iranian Society of photographers who is certified by ministry of culture for registration of works of art with an eye on conceptual photography and he has also profeddionally working in visual arts since 2005, Contemporary art’s certificate, holding dozens of exhibitions in Iran and abroad.Birth to death, the ultimate realization of consciousness, and the challenge contemporary human faces when questing for this consciousness shape the main theme of his collections. He takes photographs of a layout usually composed of elements like mirrors and humans and then he creates collages with photos. works are finally presented as photocollages and usually displayed with a layout and performance in the gallery. Brilliant and industrial decorative colors, figures, everyday signs; images that are rather reflections than images; and addressing sexual identity, enable us to observe characteristics of contemporary art in these works.

Solo Exhibitions

2009  78 Cafe Tehran
2010  Shirin Art Gallery Tehran
2015  Golestan Gallery Tehran
2016  Golestan Gallery Tehran
2019  Golestan gallery Tehran
2022  Golestan gallery Tehran

Group Exhibitions

2009  Art Center Tehran
2009  Encyclopedia lranica Paris
2009  Art Center Tehran
2010  Day Art Gallery Tehran
2010  Iranian artists forum Tehran
2012  Iranian artists forum Tehran
2013  Festival of the image of the year Iranian artists forum Tehran
2015  Ghasr Museum Tehran
2015  Art Gallery 6 Tehran
2015  Mehrva Art Gallery Tehran
2015  Persian Art Gallery Tehran
2016  A glance at the Iranian contemporary artists Mellat art gallery
2016  Iranian artists forum Tehran
2017  Iranian artists forum Tehran
2017  Fereshteh art gallery Tehran
2017  Mehrva art galley Tehran
2017  Mellat art galley Tehran
2017  Tirana nationalMuseum Albania
2018  Art Genova Italy
2018  Iranian Culturaf center Paris
2018  Linda Farrell art gallery Paris
2018  Galerildil Istanbul Turkey
2018  1art Gallery tbilisi Georgia
2018  Mojdeh art Gallery Tehran
2018  59 Gallery Oslo Norway
2018  Matigan art Gallery Berhn Germany
Tehran Milad Tower Art Gallery Tehran
2019  Mojdeh Art Gallery Tehran
2019  Fereshteh Art Gallery Tehran
2019  Art chapel Amesterdam
2019  Group Exhibition Qasr museum Tehran
2019  Group Exhibition E1artgallery Tehran
2019  Group Exhibition E1artgallery Tehran
2019  Group Exhibition Idea institute of art and cultureTehran
2019  Group Exhibition| Third Annual in memory of Abbas Kiarostami E1artGallery Tehran
2019  E1artgallery Tehran
2020  E1artgallery Tehran
2020  Blue Rhino Art London
2022  E1artgallery Tehran

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