Mix media on mirrors with installation
In 2021 , Leo would appear in the position of a Shaman”.
A set of strange and weird happenings reached him to this stage of his life as well as twice of an ecperience of nearly death.
He turned into a post-human which is neither male nor female, neither an animal nor human like but capable of all though.
Technology and Medicine progression turned him to an immortal cresture which has extraordinary capabilities. But his feelings and emotions still rule his heart so do planets’ effect on earth and they would create new role with a fresh reflection each and every moment . He is surrounded by these planets as if he could see beyond this feelings and thoughtd, he would be aware he is watching himself.
The signs carry this good news for him that all existance and non- existance is inside him. And life toward death is an exciting story which is as unique as a finger print and the end of the story is transformation.
In the final moments of life the music of life would accelerate and vibrate so restlessly that would turn life experience into the highest level of joy.
For the birth of wisdom and awareness is a new beginning in the end.
A new featus , fresh reflection and anew story …
Mehdi Mansouri

Post human collection / Mix media on mirrors with installation